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Situated in an area where vines were first cultivated at the time of the Roman conquest, Saint Georges is a unique site where remains have been excavated of an imposing villa thought to have belonged to the consul and poet Ausonius, who also grew vines.

It was originally a small religious community to which its 11th century Romanesque church still attests. This elegant edifice with its primitive style and rustic sculptures is a source of Tourist attraction. Parts of the structure are Carolingian, dating back to the 9th century. Saint Georges used to be a barony with a mansion, which was transformed in 1773 into a marvel of Louis 16th architecture by the architect Victor Louis.


Facing the Saint Emilion plateau, from which it is separated only by the small river Barbanne, the « terroir » of Saint Georges Saint Emilion has a remarkable geological make-up and benefits from unique weather patterns. Its soils are almost exclusively clayey limestone with uniform well-drained slopes and a Southerly to South-Westerly exposure that provides maximum sunshine right up to harvest time. These privileged natural conditions help ensure that the grapes are perfectly ripe and reach their optimal expression.


The vineyards of Saint Georges Saint Emilion cover 200 hectares (495 acres) and products an average of nine to ten thousand hectolitres each year.


70% Merlot,
15% Cabernet Franc (ou Bouchet),
10% Cabernet Sauvignon,
5% Malbec.